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Phix WHITE ROSE GOLD Excellence Package + COOL GRAPE PODS. Get the unique color of PHIX cigs. along with cool grape pods the most selling items between phix pods.

12.000 KWD

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Phix white ROSE GOLD Excellence Package + cool grape pods. the blue grape means its grape with ice.

You get:

  • Phix Starter Kit white rose gold color.
Features of the phix starter kit:
  • USB charger instead of the old one
  • longer device, enlarged the device itself
  • stronger internal battery than the old one
  • each device mixd between 2 colors in one. this one gathered the black with gold
Cool Grape pods:
  • Type: The new version of phix  Cool Grape pods.
  • Pods Size:  1.5 ML
  • Number of puffs for each pod: almost 400 pffs.
  • Flavor: Fresh and delicious taste of Grape with ice.
  • Pack of 4 Pods.


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Because people, like to have a disposable cig that last with them longer time therefore, we brought for them the 800 puffs cig. with 5% nicotine that gives you the percentage of nicotine that you used to get from other cigs. but, in this one we brought for you different flavors.

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Jawi Vape Items

Jawi Vape items
منتجات جوي الاصلية

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    هلا هلا هلا بالحب ?

    butterfly kuwait

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