Shishti MTL Disposable Vape 3500 Puffs

Shishti MTL disposable vape
Shishti MTL disposable vape. vape shihti cig puff 3500 puffs

Shishti MTL, A luxury disposable vape with best look and design. authentic disposable vape device that no need to recharge or refill. gives up to 3,500 puffs with unique mouthpiece to give you a smooth and strong performance

what makes shishti MTL a distinguished disposable vape device?!
* Enhanced with smart tech to boost flavor
* Luxury design for those who like to get unique models
* Smooth and strong performance till the last puff
* Small size that fits your hand and you could carry it wherever you go
* Disposable vape device no need to recharge or refill
* Resistance 1.2 ohm that considered best resistance for salt nicotine disposable devices
* With Ergonomic mouthpiece to maximize your vape enjoyment
* With a base that allows the device to stand easily anywhere

English (UK)
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