Refillable pods, pack of 4 pods along with salt nic liquid Vgod purple bomb the flavor of fresh and cool taste of Grape. 50MG Nicotine and size 30ML that could refill the empty pod 20 times.

9.000 KWD 10.000 KWD

Refillable pods + salt nic liquid. You get:

  • Pack of empty pod, Refillable Pods made by P POD:
    • Pack of 4 pods.
    • compatible with phix starter kits and p pod.
    • 1.5 pod capacity.
    • fit to use with saltnic liquids.
These pods are able to use with any slat nic liquid, you can choose your favorite flavor and use it with your phix starter kit. Pleas visit section of salt liquids to see +200 vape liquid that you can use with it ” Salt Liquids


On the other hand, you will get too:

  • ICE VGOD Purple Bomb Saltnic 50MG 30ML
    • Flavor: Iced Grape flavor. taste of fresh and cool Grape.
    • Bottle Size:  30ML.
    • Nicotine: 50MG.


Why do you might need empty pods for your device?

in this way you dont run out of pods plus, you find a solution for the out of stock pods. usually we face that, some items are are run our fastly so, with the empty pods, you can refill the pod and get the same flavor.

the empty pods save your money as, you can refill the single pod several times. the pods size is 1.5 ML and, the Liquid size is 30ML. so every vape liquid could fill your pods 20 times which save lot for you.


On the other hand, the p pod empty pods are more light and smoother in smoking than the other pods.


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