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stig lush ice (Watermelon) wholesale 10 packs

Stig Lush ice (Watermelon) Do you want to buy quantity that last for long time? stig lush ice wholesale 10 packets each one includes 3 cigs. one cig gives 300 puffs and, each packet 900 puffs. this means the 10 packets gives you 9,000 puffs. buy it now and get very fast from shishti dot com 

45.000 KWD 50.000 KWD

Add Carton Stig Cubano and get benefit of 10% extra discount on it

Stig Purple Bomb WholeSale

stig purple bomb wholesale 10 packets of stig grape pods with ice flavor.  you get with one click. you like buying big? get the 10 packets together.


stig lush ice (Watermelon) wholesale 10 packets, each one includes 3 cigs

0.6 nicotine

total cigs 30 cigs each cigarette gives 300 puffs. total 9,000 puffs of stig lush ice.


Stig pods, a disposable vape devices that no need to recharge or refill. ready to use directly. stig available in lot of amazing flavors like; mango ice, watermelon, mint, apple.  Stig provides 6% nicotine and that considered one of the most vape devices that gives high nicotine.



The packaging of stig has been changed to new one. See here the new packaging of stig lush ice Plus, you see all changes here in this videos “New Packaging of STIG” 


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PLUS, here you find the stig pods that sold in pack of 3 pods and each pod gives 300 puffs so, one pack gives almost 900 puffs. STIG PODS



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