450 Puffs Ice Pink Panther Pod blackcurrants, sweet cotton candy

450 puffs Pink Panther Pod blackcurrants, sweet cotton candy Ice. flavor of blackcurrants, sweet cotton candy Ice. 1 disposable pod no need to charge or refill.

2.000 KWD 2.500 KWD


Pink Panther Pod blackcurrants, sweet cotton candy Ice

Gives up to 450 puffs

Indulge in the cool, refreshing taste of a fairground slush pop. Mouthwatering frozen blackcurrants wrapped in blankets of fluffy, sweet cotton candy.

This disposable pod made by FlyPods comes with 1.6ml of premium Dr. Vapes E-Liquid containing 5.0% (50mg) nicotine.

  • pack of 1 pod
  • gives approx 450 puffs.
  • 5% Nicotine.


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On the other hand, if you want to get the pods that gives 300 puffs per pod, please check section of Stig . it comes as 3 pods per pack so, the pack gives you approx 900 puffs.


Plus, you can take a look at the swiss design cigs here PRO DISPOSABLE CIGS

THE PRO pods gives 450 puffs too.



But, if you want to get refillable electronic cigarette as you can refill the pod, please visit section of E-Cigs Refillable



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