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New Phix Black Jack Pods, The unique mix of tobacco, Custard and Vanilla in one flavor of phix pods. produced by Jawi Kuwait.  Back of 4 Pods.

6.000 KWD

منتجات جوي الاصلية

The new packaging of phix black jack. produced by Jawi Kuwait.


  • Flavor: The unique mix of tobacco, Custard and Vanilla in one flavor of phix pods
  • a true closed vaping system for maximum convenience and safe operation
  • Each pod is 1.5 ML
  • Back of 4 pods.


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Why phix is easy to use:

Because, phix is available in a pre-filled pods, that you dont need to fill it. just put your favorite pod and smoke it directly. but, in case you wanted to go out of the box, you can buy empty pods that, fits your phix device, and fill it with your favorite liquid.

Here is your empty pods: PHIX EMPTY PODS P Pods 4 Pieces

Pods that refillable and able to reuse several times. E-Liquid Capacity. 1.5  Ceramic Coil


If you needed to see the black jack liquids that available in Kuwait, please visit this link Vape Black Jack Kuwait 


What are the other flavors of phix pods?

Phix pods are available in wide range of flavors, please check this section for all available phix items in Kuwait Phix Kuwait Section 


Jawi Vape Items

Jawi Vape items
منتجات جوي الاصلية

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  1. Vapori Vape

    من افضل بودات الفكس عندي – كواحد جرب اغلب بودات الفكس و تقريبا افيب من فترة طويلة – كل شي بلاك جاك حلو

    Vapori Vape

  2. Vapori Vape


    Vapori Vape

  3. بو جاسم الرشيدي

    كل شي توباكو حلو و البلاك جاك من احلى نكهات التوباكو مع الفنيليا جربتها مع الفكس و جربتها مع سحبة السيجارة كاليبرن

    بو جاسم الرشيدي

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