Iqos 2.4 Plus Kit IQOS machine kit

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Iqos 2.4 Plus Kit IQOS machine kit. iqos machine is a heating system to heat tobacco not burn. compatible with all types of heets

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Iqos 2.4 Plus Kit IQOS machine kit

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IQOS has different types of heets:

  • HEETS Silver: are sticks with refine soft tobacco flavor.
  • Amber HEETS: A rounded and rich tobacco blend. HEETS Amber deliver a balanced tobacco taste defined by woody and light nutty top notes.
  • Sienna HEETS: An intense and full bodied blend. HEETS Sienna deliver a balanced tobacco taste with woody and light tea aroma notes.
  • Yellow HEETS: A smooth and finely balanced tobacco blend. The taste is very similar to traditional tobacco, with a light tobacco flavor. will leave a smooth feeling in the mouth and has a very unique flavor. Tobacco is greasy and fragrant, which is not the same as the original flavor of Marlboro
  • Heets Bronze: Bronze HEETS deliver a full tobacco taste with cocoa and dry fruit variante notes.




  • you should charge the device for the first time for 2 hours.
  • when the device is fully charged it could be used to smoke 25 stiks.
  • the IQOS LIL 2.0 can not be used more than 3 time within 18 minutes as it would be in need for cooling down. it will rest for 3.3 minutes before ability to use it again.
  • it’s better to clean the device after smoking 20 sticks
  • Don’t clean the device directly after use, it will be very hot.
  • Keep the device clean and cleaning tools away of any liquid
  • be kind and gentle while using the cleaning tools with the device. you might break your device while cleaning
  • be careful while you clean the device, sometime the brush tool becomes sharp and might hurt yourself


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