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New PHIX Power Bank 2500 mAh

PHIX Power Bank. A revolution of phix industry that, could keep your phix charged for very long time. 2500 mAh Phix power bank and pocket of phix in one product. you can hold your kit inside it plus,  one additional pod in it. Use it to charge your phone as well.

10.000 KWD 12.000 KWD

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PHIX Power Bank

one step forward to users of phix in Kuwait, we brought for you power bank specially for phix + pocket at the same time, check the features of the phix power bank:

  • 2500 mAh battery, strong enough to keep your phix charged for very long time.
  • Pocket of phix as well: the power bank is designed to keep your phix inside it.
  • Could keep one extra pod of phix.
  • wireless power bank charger: you can charge your phone using wireless tech in the power banl.
  • Easy to use: Flip to open case from above.
  • USB outlet to charge any device you need.


WATCH video Power Bank Phix 


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Why phix is easy to use:

Because, phix is available in a pre-filled pods, that you dont need to fill it. just put your favorite pod and smoke it directly. but, in case you wanted to go out of the box, you can buy empty pods that, fits your phix device, and fill it with your favorite liquid.

Here is your empty pods: PHIX EMPTY PODS P Pods 4 Pieces

Pods that refillable and able to reuse several times. E-Liquid Capacity. 1.5  Ceramic Coil


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What are the other flavors of phix pods?

Phix pods are available in wide range of flavors, please check this section for all available phix items in Kuwait Phix Kuwait Section 


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