Bulk Hookah Deal, with one click you get Glass hookah + Aseel Molasses + Charcoal coco alajamy. please contact our customer service if you needed to choose your favorite color of glass hookah or aseel molasses flavor.

13.750 KWD 18.000 KWD

Bulk Hookah Deal, with one click you get:

  1. Glass hookah
  2. Aseel Molasses
  3. Charcoal coco alajamy


we gathered for you a premium hookah deal to get all with one click, see here the features:

– The precision molded connectors mean no rubber grommets are required.

– The glass-on-glass connection create an airtight seal on their own.

– Bundled with the hookah is a premium hose made of medical grade silicone which will not rust or deteriorate.


on the other hand, please see here fatures of Aseel Molasses
  • Trademark: Aseel
  • Weight: 250 gm
  • Made in UAE.


Aseel Molasses, usually provides high quality molasses for regular shisha that delivers an enticing and delicious flavor that gives you the best experience for shisha. Please click here if you want to check all products of Aseel Molasses


in addition to, Alajamy charcoal, a high quality charcoal for multi purposes:
  •  Preserves genuine smells(Bakhour)
  • Tastless & Odurless
  • No sparks,no Sulphur
  • Long lasting: lasts 3 times longer
  • 100% natural charcoal
  • 96 Pieces
  • Brand: Coco Al Ajamy


Here in shishti.com, we try our best to provide for you the best shopping experience that, easy, smooth and different payment types. you can pay on delivery, online, or via payment link that you get via whats app.


On the other hand, if you want to check all items of Hookah, please click on the section of Hookah


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